Lives Restored: Durham Rescue Mission Testimonies


Victory Graduate, Currently Enrolled at North Carolina Central Studying Early Childhood Education

I thank God for all He has done for us and I want to thank the many donors who give their time and money to a place that has helped us learn to live and lead better lives with the Lord’s guidance.

Victory Graduate, Currently Employed at Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Company

The Durham Rescue Mission has helped me become spiritually whole and gainfully employed. God Bless the Durham Rescue Mission.
When my husband and pastor dropped me off at the Durham Rescue Mission I was crying because I didn’t want to stay. When my husband came to pick me up, after I finished the Victory Program, I was crying because I didn’t want to leave. However I did leave, and today the Lord is allowing me to help others using some of the same lessons that I learned at the Durham Rescue Mission.

Counselor for the Durham Rescue Mission Men’s Division

When I arrived at the Durham Rescue Mission and enrolled in the Victory Program, I soon learned that drugs and alcohol were symptoms growing out of the root of my problem and the root of my problem was sin. Once I knew what the problem was, I finally found the answer in Jesus.

Victory Graduate, Works with Builders of Hope, First-Time Homeowner

In July 2007, Michael took his first step toward mending his shattered life. He came to the Durham Rescue Mission and joined the Victory Program. After completing the Durham Rescue Mission’s Victory Program, he was placed in a temporary job with Builders for Hope for a probationary period of one year.

Director of Education

In August 1994, at the Durham Rescue Mission, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Durham Rescue Mission helped me make Biblical changes that were needed in my life. Now at peace with God, and my addictions removed, I have no desire for drugs.

Assistant Director of Men’s Division

Through the spiritual program here at the Mission, I have learned that through the application of the Word of God, God Himself leads me from sin on a daily basis.

Victory Graduate

Through God’s grace and mercy, and the help of Rev. and Mrs. Mills and all the staff at the Durham Rescue Mission, I have become a reborn man in Christ. I am ready to serve Him in any way I can. Praise the Lord!

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