Permanent Volunteer Opportunities


Without the help of our volunteers, the Mission would not be able to operate. Below are current opportunities that we have on a permanent basis. Please review the ministry descriptions and contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Volunteer Department
(919) 688-9641, x5070

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Ministry Opportunities

EDGE Volunteer Assistant

  • Assess the educational needs of mission clients and support the clients enrolled in the educational program in pursuing and securing a high school equivalency.

Catch My Story Program Assistant

  • To help clients in the Victory Program successfully complete their Catch My Story assignments.

Maintenance Assistant

  • Help with lawn care, gardens, and building inspections.

Food Service Volunteer

  • Assist the Food Services Coordinator with the day to day management and operation of all food services while working with Durham Rescue Mission staff and clients to follow the Food Services Policy and Procedures set forth by Durham Rescue Mission.

Daycare Volunteer (Background check required)

  • The primary function of the Daycare Volunteer is to establish a warm, safe, loving Christian environment for the mothers, children, and families that will enable them to grow spiritually, educationally, physically, and emotionally.


Thrift Stores


  • To welcome customers and inform them of current sales.

Book Section Associate

  • Organize and assist customers in our book section

Clothing Sales Floor Volunteer Associate

  • Organize, stock, and assist customers in our clothing section

Household Sales Floor Volunteer Associate

  • Organize, stock, and assist customers in our household section

Computer Sales & Service Floor Volunteer Associate

  • Repair, resell, and/or recycle computer hardware that has been donated to the Durham Rescue Mission.

Quality Control Associate

  • Examining all clothing before it goes to our sales floor insuring category, price and condition of garment are up to our quality standards.

Donation Specialist

  • Receive incoming donations and sort them for processing.

Prospective Client
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