Any investment you make…is great when God is in it!


We live in anxious times. Gangs fighting in neighborhoods. Children being shot while playing in their yards. Many of our citizens are afraid to leave their homes at night.

The reality is hundreds of these despairing individuals come through the doors of the Durham Rescue Mission each year. The good news is you continue to provide food, clothing, shelter, and hope for the needy. God bless you for being one who cares.

However, together we must do even more to reach out to so many who are homeless and without a friend. That’s why right now once again you have the privilege of saying YES to these who struggle for survival. Your contribution today allows us to continue to provide food, shelter, clothing, and Christian counseling for the needy. Nafia, mother of two, is one of our Mission clients who wants to thank you…

“I don’t know where my two children and I would be today without the Durham Rescue Mission. We were desperate, with no place to lay our heads. Thank you for the food, clothing, and the shelter. Most of all, thank you for a future!”

This Thanksgiving will be a special time for precious mothers like Nafia. Whether large or small, any investment you make in the lives of others is great when God is in it.

Your kindness allows us to continue to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ to all who come through our doors…a message of hope that stars with a hot meal, warm bed, and safe shelter.

Thank you for being a special friend to those in need. Our prayer is that you continue to be blessed even as you reach out to others.

God bless,

Ernie & Gail Mills

Any gifts received beyond our current need will be used to help care for people in need throughout the year.

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