Imagine an entire table enjoying a meal this Thanksgiving season because of YOU!


I suspect you are the kind of person who loves to bring happiness and joy to others.

Now imagine bringing big smiles to the faces of an entire table of hurting and hungry people who are able to enjoy a delicious meal . . . all because of YOU!

This could be the most rewarding Thanksgiving YOU have ever enjoyed . . .

. . . knowing that you’ve reached out so generously to provide for our neighbors in need . . . and the cost is much, much lower than you might think.

And there’s no question — these hungry people will need your help this Thanksgiving season. Every single day, they come through our doors . . . people from all walks of life who have lost their way.

Today, I invite you to join us — in a very special way — by sponsoring 2 tables, each seating 4 people in need, with a significant gift of $16.40. Or you could help us seat 5 hungry people at 2 tables each, with your gift of $20.50 today.

Maybe you could even give $30.75 to sponsor 3 tables brimming with delicious, hot meals — 5 people joyfully pulling their chairs up to each one.

But we need your help now, because we’re already planning the menus and stocking up on the necessities for the Thanksgiving season. We’re making sure we have enough chairs, tables and place settings for each person who needs a place to celebrate.

The Durham Rescue Mission is also taking inventory of the food being donated. Local businesses help as much as possible, and that makes your gift go even further.

So please, be as generous as you can. And as you and your loved ones gather for your own holiday meal, you’ll have the deep-down satisfaction of knowing you have helped hungry people gather around a table, too.

May God bless you as you continue to reach out to others.

With gratitude,

Ernie & Gail Mills

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