Operation RESCUE: Warm Shelter


The Durham Rescue Mission will be sending out teams to search for the homeless sleeping outdoors, in abandoned cars, or in abandoned buildings. Many of them do not have access to weather reports and are unaware of the snow predicted for the Triangle this weekend.

With the prediction of snow starting Saturday evening and overnight temperatures being below freezing, there will be a heightened risk of hypothermia. No one can remain warm when they are wet in these conditions. The Durham Rescue Mission doesn’t want to hear any news reports of anyone dying due to the snow and cold. It is imperative to search at this time to provide rescue for those in need of warm shelter to prevent any frostbite, hypothermia, or death in our area.

We are preparing for additional number of homeless seeking warm shelter during this cold snap. Space will be made to accommodate all in need of warm shelter and hot food which will be available throughout the weekend.

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