The Life and Testimony of John Rush

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The Life and Testimony of John Rush

On September 16th, 2002, John Rush’s life was dramatically changed when another person’s decision placed him in the hospital. Sunday, June 19th, 2016, John’s story was shared on WRAL News. What an incredible testimony of God’s grace and mercy!

More often than not, our lives are affected by the decisions we make. One wrong decision on our part can lead to a lifetime of consequences, and we can be changed forever. But sometimes, our lives are affected by the decisions other people make. Sometimes, we have no control over what happens to us…sometimes, we are forced to watch our own lives unravel at the seams.

John Rush lived a wonderful life—a life that many would call the “American Dream.” Happily married with three children and two beautiful grandchildren, John worked as a long-distance truck driver. He knew his route by heart; the winding, narrow roads that led him through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia…roads that took him away from home and family, then brought him back again. On September 16, 2002, those roads became a nightmare for John when a dump truck neglected to use a cover. The rocks in the bed of the truck spilled onto the road, causing John’s truck, moving at only 18 miles per hour, to “skate” over the side of the mountain.  What began as a typical day soon became the beginning of a downward spiral for John. Drugs, narcotics, and emotional trauma shoved their way into the center of his “American Dream”…until he made a decision.

Click here to watch John’s testimony from WRAL News!

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