Warm RESCUE Shelter – 460 People in Need Helped!


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Warm RESCUE Shelter – 460 People in Need Helped!

As cold weather impacted the Triangle last night, the Durham RESCUE Mission opened its doors to anyone in seek of warm shelter. Operation RESCUE Warm Shelter is a program the Durham RESCUE Mission created to help those in bad weather. The Rescue Mission was serving 432 on Tuesday and 28 came in out of the cold for a total of 460.

Mike was sleeping in the woods in a shelter he built out of carboard he found in dumpsters. “I am thankful that the Mission allowed me to come in and have a hot meal and warm place to sleep. I don’t think I would have been able to survive last night as cold as it was”.

The Durham RESCUE Mission would like to say thank you to the media for helping us spread the word about Operation RESCUE Warm Shelter. We could not do it this without you. Because of your help, who knows how many lives were saved last night. Thank you!

As this cold weather continues across the Triangle, the Durham RESCUE Mission will continue to open its doors to those in seek of warm shelter.  A hot pot of soup will be kept on the stove 24 hours a day for those seeking a hot meal and warm shelter.

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