Help Someone In Need . . . Like John


How Your Investment Changed John’s Life (and many others, too!)

John made a series of bad decisions that ruined his life when he was still a young man. “I tried to make fast money on the Triangle’s streets,” he remembers. Instead, that lifestyle left him destitute and addicted.

He came to the Durham Rescue Mission for a second chance. Things were going well, too . . . until he left our recovery program early. “I found out the hard way I should have stayed,” he said.

For the next ten years, John was in and out of jail, struggling with addiction. Eventually, he came to accept that he could not recover on his own.

Return to the Mission

That realization led John back here. This time, he committed to completing the program. And today, he really is a new man:

“It’s a blessing to have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. It gives me a security that I never had on the streets. Now I’m learning to depend on the Lord, I’m working, and I have hope for my future.”

So please . . . give a generous donation today to help us continue changing lives. Your support provides food, shelter and other life-transforming services for our homeless neighbors at a fraction of the price those services would cost anywhere else. And you will make a life-transforming difference for those trying to escape the streets.


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