2021 Honor Card Holiday Campaign


Years ago, artist Bill Mangum began a routine of leaning upon some inspiration each morning to jump start his day.  While this certainly in not a unique practice, it is one that motivates and encourages him to take on the day.  At daybreak awaiting in his email are three heartening messages from, “Our Daily Bread”, Rick Warren’s “Daily Hope” and Ralph Marston’s, “Daily Motivator”.   

He doesn’t believe it’s ironic that “daily” is a part of each title!  What it says to him is that left up to his own devices we would crumble in this world.  We need daily insight, motivation, vision, incentive, enthusiasm and encouragement. These ingredients shore us up and provide a foundation that allows us to stand up to the demands and pressures of this world. But as we’ve all seen, a powerful storm can create erosion which can reshape shorelines and undermine foundations.

This past year has been one of staggering storms which have challenged all of us on every front. No one could have ever imagined the impact of COVID on our lives.  Our routines have been stripped, we’ve lost loved ones, jobs, homes, school, sports and entertainment.  This viral storm has left us of with grievance, a sense of failure, dissatisfaction, frustration and resentment.  For many Americans, the COVID tsunami stuck upending the dreams they had worked a lifetime to achieve.

This year is the 32nd anniversary of The Honor Card designed by artist William “Bill” Mangum. Since 1988, the program has raised more than $7 million for people in need in North Carolina.  

The theme of this year’s card is A New Way.  With your support of the Honor Card program, funds raised are used to assist our neighbors in need with food, shelter and counseling, and much more.

For a minimum $5 donation per card, donors receive a beautiful card and envelope that can be sent to someone special to honor them this holiday season.  Expenses for the production of the card are underwritten by William Mangum, an anonymous donor and the Wells Fargo Foundation.

This Holiday Season stand with us to help our neighbors that are struggling, those who have stumbled along life’s path and are homeless.  The Honor Card is a great way to support the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission and share the message of need by honoring a friend or family member through its donation.  Please choose your card amount below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (919) 688-9641, 5036.

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