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On September 6th the Durham City Council will vote on the proposal to designate the Golden Belt Neighborhood as a local historic district.  It is the Durham Rescue Mission’s wishes that their properties on the east side of Hwy 55 be excluded from the local historic district.

The City hired MdM Historic Consultants to prepare an architectural study and draft preservation plan for the Golden Belt Community.  Their study showed that of the 20 properties that the Durham Rescue Mission is asking to be exempted, only 4 add any historic value to the neighborhood.  The others have no historic value; 15 of the 20 properties are merely empty lots, and one property has a house on it built in 1985. Folks, empty lots are not historic!  In the map below you see the Mission’s properties outlined in green.

(Click picture for larger view)

DRM Properties Outlines

The Durham Rescue Mission has long range plans to build a community center but this will be impossible if our properties are included in the local historic district.  We need your support!  By signing the petition below, you are asking the City Council to exclude the Durham Rescue Mission’s properties on the east side of Hwy 55 from the Local Historic District!

We are asking you to consider 3 things:

  1. Pray
  2. Sign the petition and plan to attend September 6th
  3. Forward the petition to a friend

Thank you for your time and support!

Dr. Ernie C. Mills

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