Help Someone in Need . . . Like Suzy


It’s difficult to convey the pain, cruelty and self-hatred that destroy the lives of so many homeless men and women in the Triangle. Yet it’s equally challenging to describe the profound impact you make in their lives through your partnership with the Durham Rescue Mission — maybe because recovery is complex, and doesn’t happen overnight.

For example, take Suzy.

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A poor relationship with her father left her with a troubled spirit. “I just felt wrong on the inside,” she explains. That’s why, when a doctor prescribed her codeine for a severe headache, she kept taking them, even after her head felt fine. “It numbed my hurting heart,” she said. And she began to abuse prescription drugs daily — until the worst sort of tragedy struck: Suzy was raped. After that, no medication could take away the pain and shame she felt. She began searching for something stronger — and found crack cocaine.

“Crack is awful,” Suzy says bluntly. “It masks your pain for a minute, but it takes your dignity, your productivity, and everything else. It leaves you with nothing.” For almost 20 years, she suffered that way — spending years in prison and on the streets. She went to recovery repeatedly, only to relapse every time. Eventually, her failure to get clean left her suicidal — thank God her attempts failed. Finally, at the end of her rope she came to the Durham Rescue Mission . . . and here, everything changed:

“The Mission is different than anywhere else. It’s not just food and shelter — which are very comforting of course. But here, they’re showing me how to depend on God, not just telling me. For the first time in my life, I have peace.” Praise God for Suzy’s recovery! Because of friends like you, the Durham Rescue Mission is here for her, giving her practical and spiritual support she needs to experience recovery. And that’s the impact of your compassion and generosity! You help transform hundreds of men, women, and children just like Suzy.

Today, I invite you to help change more lives. It can’t happen without you — every gift, large and small, matters. So please give a donation right away. Thank you for being such a faithful and true friend to hurting people in the Triangle.

Dr. Ernie Mills
CEO & Founder

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