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Imagine how a homeless mother and her hungry children feel spending Christmas Day alone on the cold, wintry streets of our community…or a husband who’s lost his job and has no gifts for his precious family.

Imagine…each donation of $2.05 you give provides a Christmas meal, safe shelter, and Christian counsel for someone in need. That may not seem like a lot, but for someone who’s hungry and without a friend it is the greatest gift in the world.

So many in our community are spending Christmas alone, with nothing to look forward to but more hardship, freezing cold, no food and no place to lay their weary heads.

Then just imagine how they feel when they enter the warmth of the Mission, are embraced by people who care, are given a roof over their heads and are greeted with hot holiday meals for themselves and their children. For many, it’s a Christmas dream come true.

THIS IS THE GIFT you give to hungry, hurting people when you support the ongoing ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission during the Christmas season. What’s more, you will have one of the best feelings you have had in a long time, just knowing how much someone appreciates the tangible love you give them at Christmas.

Once again you have the opportunity to say YES to those who struggle to make it through the day. Your contribution right now helps us provide hot Christmas meals, safe shelter, warm clothing and Christian compassion for those who come through our doors.

The need is so critical we urge you to send your special holiday gift to help needy men, women, and children TODAY…while your heart is touched by this message of hope. So many need our help. So many are suffering. So many children are hungry…

Wishing you the beautiful, lasting joy of the Christmas season,

Ernie & Gail Mills

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