Transportation Supervisor

Position: Transportation Supervisor

Job Location: Men's Division

Primary Function:

  • The primary function of the Transportation Supervisor is to operate under the Facilities Director to ensure that vehicles are maintained properly, inspected, purchased, and repaired in a timely manner. The Transportation Supervisor will supervise the garage, maintain the DRM fleet, work in Car Sales in prepping vehicles for sale, and maintaining forklifts and generators at various locations.
  • Under the general supervision of the Facilities Director.
  • Full-time (40+)
  • Non-management
  • Hourly Non-Exempt

Job Responsibilities:

This will vary from day to day, week to week, according to the needs of the Mission.

  • Run the garage and be able to lead/direct clients in vehicle repair by scheduling work, getting supplies and parts, working with ALLDATA and Facility Dude programs.
  • Will keep all vehicles maintained meaning running, getting inspections, getting plates and registrations, purchasing vehicles as directed, and change out vehicles as needed. (As of Nov ’19: 41 Vehicles (cars & trucks); 7 trailers; 2 fork lifts; 1 farm tractor, and 1 Army generator)
  • Will be the safety coordinator for vehicles.
  • Coordinates with transportation scheduling coordinator when vehicles need to be offline.
  • Solves transportation problems which arise.
  • Weekly and monthly preventative maintenance is to be completed on time.
  • The person responsible for the service and repairs on the forklifts and generators by approved suppliers.
  • Responsible for snow plowing the parking lots at the different campuses and stores.
  • Responsible for the Car Sales: pick up and receiving of donated vehicles, inspections, prep for sale or disposal as needed, and setting a sale price.
  • Work with clients, staff, volunteers, and the public in a polite, professional, and Christian manner.
  • Provide Facilities Director an annual budget.

Physical Demands/Work Environment:

  • Must be able to do hands on maintenance and repair if needed.
  • Must be able to physically help mechanics if needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Leadership and decision making abilities.
  • Good communications – written and verbal.
  • Computer knowledge – able to use ALLDATA and Facility Dude work request programs.
  • Driver’s License – at least a Class C CDL with passenger endorsement.
  • Be able to drive and operate DRM rollback truck.
  • Good working knowledge of vehicles: repairs, maintenance, and mechanic skills.
  • Able to troubleshoot and solve problems.
  • Proactive and able to plan ahead.
  • Be able to train clients and direct day-to-day activities.
  • Be able to change directions or priorities quickly if needed.

Training and Experience:

  • Mechanic.
  • Teaching skills.

Special Requirements:

  • Must be able to diagnose problems, come up with solutions, and make decisions.
  • Must exhibit and exemplify a good testimony and personal integrity.
  • All employees of the Durham Rescue Mission must be practicing their Christianity by being an active member of a conservative, evangelical church.
  • Employees must also have an exemplar testimony both before the church and the world.
  • Must sign and be in agreement with Durham Rescue Mission Statement of Faith.
  • Must be a man of prayer and a positive team player.

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