Assistant Women’s Director

Position: Assistant Women’s Director

Job Location: Women's Division

Primary Function:

  • The primary function of the Assistant Director of Women’s Division is to support the Women’s Director and assist in providing leadership and Spiritual guidance for the women staff and clients. The Assistant Director will use the skills and talents the Lord has given her for furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Assistant Director of Women’s Division must provide a clear Biblical testimony of a personal experience of receiving, by faith, the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. She must maintain an exemplary Christian life and desire to serve the Lord in the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission.
  • The Assistant Director of Women’s Division should be considered in light of Proverbs 31:10–31. She especially needs to be patient. She must be sensitive to
    the plight of the poor and disadvantaged, because she is their advocate. She must be desirous for lost souls. Finally, she must be a visionary to suggest ways to make
    the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission even better.
  • The Assistant Director of Women’s Division will establish a warm, loving Christian environment for the mothers, children, and single ladies that will enable them to grow spiritually, educationally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Be public advocate to donors and potential donors to help raise money for Women’s Ministry.
  • Under the general supervision of the Director of Women’s Division.
  • Full-time (40+)
  • Non-Management position
  • Hourly Non-Exempt

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide the Women’s Director and other Management staff with adequate information to help reach sound decisions and establish policies.
  • Provide regular reports about progress toward organizational objectives, and other issues of concern.
  • Keep the Women’s Director current with operational needs or difficulties and assist in any way needed.
  • Share prayer requests and victories of the ministry with staff. Share testimonies with Development Department monthly.
  • Carry out any projects which may be assigned by the Women’s Director.
  • Counsel with clients as well as members of the Staff.
  • Attend Weekly staff devotions and facilitate daily devotions for clients.
  • Participate in the recruiting, selecting, and hiring of staff for all women’s positions approved by Women’s Director.
  • Assist Women’s Director in the Implementation and training of staff, conducting performance evaluations, & handle the grievances &/or disciplinary actions.
  • Train clients for potential Staff member positions & teach them the work of the Durham Rescue Mission.
  • The Assistant Director of Women’s Division should manage the Mission staff in such a way that the daily operation is effective when the Women’s Director is unavailable.
  • Organize and direct appropriate staff to carry out the work of the Mission.
  • Develop, implement plans & programs for increased spiritual growth of the Mission clients and staff.
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedure & provide recommendations as needed.
  • Help prepare short & long-range operating needs & plans for Good Samaritan Inn.
  • Help with the preparation of the annual budget for the Women’s Division for Executive Management and Board approval.
  • Promote good public relations in the community.
  • Manager of Ladies’ Victory Program.
  • Design curriculum to be used in the Victory program.
  • Coordinate & work with the Skills Training & Security/Safety Coordinator for GED, computer training & educational programs for the Good Samaritan Inn clients.
  • Respond to inquiries from clients, the community, and volunteers.
  • Perform as role model for clients at all times, teaching and demonstrating Christian principles.
  • Uphold & enforce all policies and procedures of the Durham Rescue Mission and the Women’s Division; willingness to give write-ups for infractions of those rules.
  • Work with women’s Victory choir director for scheduling visits.
  • Assist clients in completing paperwork for government agencies and college/training entrance.
  • Oversee Victory program & activities. Ensure teachers available for Victory Bible, Parenting & Discipleship classes.
  • Enter data and other information as needed into Victory Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Participate in weekly Review Committee meetings; record information, and email to all.
  • Coordinate volunteers and events in working with Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Follow directions willingly.
  • Be flexible and remember that there is no such thing as a “normal” day.
  • Schedule and organize special speakers for devotions as needed.
  • Assist in creating benevolence for the Women’s Division.
  • Visit the women and children when they have checked into the hospital.
  • Assist clients in writing their testimony through Catch My Story program.
  • Any other duties assigned by Director of Women’s Ministry.

Physical Demands/Work Environment:

  • Be able to sit for up to 6 hours a day and work on a computer.
  • Sit, stand, bend, lift, and move intermittently during working hours.
  • Interacts with staff, visitors, etc., under all conditions/circumstances.
  • May be required to work extended periods of time.
  • Infrequent light physical effort required and occasional lifting up to 40 pounds.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Computer skills (MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and typing).
  • Problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience in Leading Group Interactions.
  • Advance Presentation skills.

Training and Experience:

  • Associate Degree. BA/BS in Christian Education is preferred.
  • Three to five years’ experience in teaching or training fields.

Special Requirements:

  • All employees of the Durham Rescue Mission must be practicing their Christianity by being an active member of a conservative, evangelical church.
  • Must exhibit and exemplify a good testimony and personal integrity.
  • Must sign and be in agreement with Durham Rescue Mission Statement of Faith.
  • Must have coordinating abilities to organize events.
  • Must have ability to counsel clients based on Biblical concepts.

Submitting Your Application:

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